Sedona Tour

The Land of Magic, Ancient Power and Majestic Beauty

Sedona, Arizona is a key power place and people come from all over the world to experience its energy and the magic of the land. There are sacred places on this earth where your spirit can connect to the earth energy and be renewed and replenished, where the spiritual centers in the body are encouraged to open themselves to new knowledge and information. Sedona is a place that changes lives.

Join Intuitive Guide, Stephanie Phelps, for an inspiring adventure connecting with the powerful Earth energies, and walk the path of the Ancients, travelling deep into the red rock canyons of Sedona in the beauty of this exquisite and sacred land.

  • Tour mystical vortices
  • Visit ancient cliff dwellings
  • Gain from invaluable earth wisdom teachings
  • Experience ceremony and guided meditations
  • Receive intuitive guidance and insight
  • Opportunities for visionary work & adventures
  • Shop for traditional Native American arts & crafts
  • Discover panels of Rock Art Petroglyphs and Pictograms
  • Comfortable accommodations and Airport pick-up can be arranged
  • Custom Group Tours and Private Tours Available

~ Walk on Sacred Ground ~ Enhance Your Life ~
~ Experience the Magic ~ Connect with the Mysteries ~

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Stephanie is available for private and personal tours, journeys and retreats; she will create experiences tailored to your interests, needs, and intentions.
Contact Stephanie at White Horse Journeys 480-216-4484 or email:

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