About Stephanie Phelps White Horse Journeys


Stephanie Phelps White Horse Journeys

An intuitive spiritual guide and ceremonialist who is deeply connected to Earth Wisdom, teaching through the Path of Heart and the Medicine Way. She is recognized for her passion, inspiration and truth in bridging Heaven and Earth through ceremonies, workshops and sacred travel. A sought-after Shamanic Healer, Stephanie has traveled the world as both student and teacher of many indigenous cultures, customs and beliefs, including the Quero Pampamesayok Shaman Lineage of Andean Energy Medicine and North American Healing Arts.  She has been initiated, trained and blessed by tribal elders, shamans, grandmother wisdom keepers, and continues to learn and share this wisdom and knowledge with all who seek the mysteries of the heart and soul.

Having been introduced to the contemporary reinterpretation of ancient healing practices still used today in North and South America, Stephanie works with Energy Medicine to help people achieve balance in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It is her heart’s desire that, through her work, many will be transformed and inspired to move fully into the life they were born to live.

Stephanie’s passion is to be of service to the planet and humanity, navigated by clear vision and a pure heart. Explore with her on your journey towards healing your mind, body and soul through various services, workshops, ceremonies, guided meditations and sacred tours. Stephanie is a gifted clairaudient and clairsentient available for private or group sessions, signature and custom workshops and speaking engagements around the world.  Sessions with Stephanie offer clarity, insight, wellness, and transformation.

"I honor the inner healer within each individual, and my work is to help others find their truth, their strengths, gifts, awakening to new levels of consciousness. I have passion for connecting individuals to Heaven and Earth, providing a link to tap into the powers of the universe that are your divine birthright, inspiring more passion and excitement to live the life you are born to live. The possibilities are endless when you are in balance with your soul self, and maintain a healthy, intimate connection to knowing you; experiencing confidence, wellness, relationship, love, and life in its fullness". 

Let me provide a sacred container, one filled with the magic of unlimited potential, healing, and skilled guidance.  Let's create the opportunity for you to live your life with more joy, soulful purpose, and empowerment." - Stephanie Phelps

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The things that make my heart sing:

I love water, starry nights, rainbows, sunrises and sunsets, the power of thunder and lightening, rock art, sacred sites, and all flowers. My passion is to be of service to the planet and humanity with clear vision and a pure heart. Having traveled extensively, I have worked and studied with people from many cultures. I love sharing the magic and power of sacred sites. As an intuitive, healer, guide, my passion is assisting those who wish to move forward in their personal transformation and journey to 



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Natural Choice Award Winner

’Natural Choice’ Award Winner - in 2 categories for the Past 4 Years!

Stephanie Phelps has received the ‘Natural Choice Award’ for “Energy Healer” and “Meditation Leader” for 4 consecutive years, thanks to the readers of ‘Natural Awakenings Magazine’.  


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