Croning Ceremony

By way of modern ancient ritual, we honor our wise women.  Crone ceremony is a tradition that has been lost over time and is having a well deserved revival. In times past, women were revered in each stage of their lives, Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Each stage was marked with celebration and honor.

Today we are reclaiming the Croning ceremony, which acknowledges our elders as wisdom-keepers. Women are finding that this ceremony and celebration of the Crone is a reclaiming of their power and worth. The Crone has endured her fiery transformation, gathering invaluable wisdom and a sage perspective that it is her gift to the world. 

Criteria for being recognized as a Crone:

Typically a Crone is a woman who is now beyond childbearing years and has passed through menopause. Having become a grandmother, or having decided, for a reason deemed right by the woman herself, that it is now appropriate to claim this status. You get to choose which age seems right for your celebration—50, 60, 70, or beyond, it’s up to you. 

About the Ceremony

Stephanie will custom-create a beautiful and meaningful ceremony that has depth and richness to honor the three phases of a women’s life, creating a Croning celebration that formally recognizes you as a woman that has achieved the status of crone, elder or wise woman. 

Positively claim your title, and joyfully welcome your position as an elder within our community. 

" A Crone is a state of mind, owning who and where you are in life, tapping into the ancient Crone’s attributes of wisdom, compassion, transformation, healing, laughter, and clarity.  "

~ Stephanie Phelps