Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls are an enigma that has captured our imaginations in legends, folklore, and films, too haunting and scary for some people and others powerful and beautiful. What I have come to learn and experience is they are very high vibrational tools, and help us to expand and raise our consciousness, assisting in the conscious evolution of humanity, and our connection to the planet and the cosmos. 

There is much mystique surrounding crystal skulls, and many questions on how we might use them to enhance our lives, work, and spiritual journeys. I will open the door for you to learn about these topics and improve your knowledge of Crystal Skulls. 

Shamans and spiritual practitioners the world over have used Crystal Skulls, throughout history for healing and communication; as oracles and tools to enhance awareness. 

Many who have been in the presence of Crystal Skulls have had a range of extraordinary experiences, including instantaneous healing, past life memories, and expanded psychic abilities, received visions, and messages about the origins of civilizations. 

My introduction to crystal skulls began in 2008,  and through my connection have experienced first-hand time and time again the paranormal. They have lead me on extraordinary adventures, meeting fascinating people, and expanded my view of the world. I want to share with you what I have come to know about these beautiful crystalline beings in my series of three workshops called: 


Whats the Deal with Crystal Skulls- A three series workshop

Workshop One: 

Introduction to Crystal Skulls

In this first workshop, Stephanie will focus on topics to help people who have never worked with a Crystal Skull and learn about them in general.

Topics covered:
1. What are Crystal Skulls

2. Crystal Skulls as storehouses of information, transmitters, and reflectors

3. Classification

4. The Collective Crystal Skull Energy Field 

5. Famous Crystal Skulls, their legends, and history

6. A Meditation with the Crystal Skulls

7. Questions and answers

Workshop Two:

Going Deeper

You will have an opportunity to interact with a variety of Crystal Skulls and feel into their energies and crystalline properties.

Topics covered:

1. Different types of crystal skulls their stones and healing properties

2. Choosing a Crystal Skull and becoming a Guardian

3. Activation

4. How to apply Crystal Skulls to enhance your life and work

5. Meditation

6. Decoding the messages from your skull.

7. Questions and answers.

Workshop Three:

Talking Heads ~ messengers of peace and love

Defining your co-creation with the unified field of crystals skulls. Using the powerful tools empowering your intentions, and expansion of consciousness. 

Topics covered:

1. The Power of Crystal Skulls through Ceremony

2. Working With the Guidance & Healing Powers of Crystal Skull

3. Sound vibration

4. Crystal Skull meditation. 

5. Decoding the messages from your skull.

6. Questions and answers.

Whats the Deal with Crystal Skulls

An in depth 3 series workshop covering an ancient topics about Crystal SkullsThe 

The first workshop:

Introduction to Crystal Skulls-

The second workshop:

Going Deeper

The third workshop:

Talking Heads ~ messengers of peace and love