Crystal and Stone Therapies

A protective and sacred stone used for thousands of years, Turquoise is like a spiritual balm for the heart. Stephanie uses turquoise stones, creating a connection between heaven and earth, opening the chakras, then allowing the power of this beautiful stone to work its magic of love and communication to flow through your entire being. 

On a cellular level, Turquoise is considered a master healer. Turquoise promotes an energetic flow of the highest vibration of love, addressing emotional wounds and chronic stress, realigns the energy centers, and helps to clear the path to higher consciousness. Turquoise properties are programmable, which allows you the opportunity to rock at your highest vibration by setting intentions for specific healing. 

This healing ritual is enhanced by Stephanie’s caring nature, her intuitive guidance, then coupled with the cleansing ritual of desert sage, a sacred plant spirit that helps to cleanse and release old blockages, essential oils used by the ancients, creating an aromatic atmosphere and deepening spiritual connection, the rhythm of her drum, creating a bridge to come into harmony with the pulse & rhythm of life.

The healing powers of Turquoise can benefit the whole body

A Gift from Heaven, Turquoise the Healing Master Stone of the Ancients  Uplifting the Body, Mind and Spirit. This beautiful is ritual for clearing, balancing, harmony and calm. 

Working with elements from our native Sonoran desert, you will be cared for with the healing powers of ancient desert Turquoise, sacred sage and therapeutic essential oils, on a meditative journey to benefit the mind, body and spirit.

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits entering a peaceful state of tranquility, offering clarity, and well being.

~ Stephanie Phelps