The Meaning of Feathers

Stephanie shares practical and useful information in her signature workshop, the Meaning of Feathers. She will give insight into working with and connecting you to Bird Medicine. 

Birds are messengers, oracles, healers, communicators, guardians, life changers, teachers, meteorologists, musicians, storytellers, and more. Using their feathers awakens magic and the initiation of Air, awakening you to learn and open to the highest forms of intuition and Divine inspiration. The birds are a bridge between heaven and earth, and their feathers are gifts from the heavenly realms.

In this workshop, you will learn about opening your intuition and applying bird & feather medicine to support and guide you on your Path of Heart.

Topics cover workshop:

*The Meaning of Finding Feathers

*Accessing bird medicine through feathers

*Develop relationship with birds as messengers.

*Using feathers to enhance your healing practice 

*Feather identification 

*Keeping feathers and storage ideas

Birds or what I lovingly call the Winged Ones fly along the sacred pathways of the winds, the breathe of Spirit, and come as messengers leaving their feathers as gifts connecting us with the heavenly realms.

~Stephanie Phelps