Clearing your home or office

Sometimes we have lived in the muck and mire for so long we have forgotten what it feels like to move, work, think, and play in a spiritually clean environment. Your home is an extension of your body and spirit and can reflect and affect your inner life. A home filled with the energy of love, harmony, health, happiness, and prosperity it becomes your sacred haven and is a gift to yourself and the wellbeing of your family and pets.

When Stephanie is invited into your space, be it home or office, she will intuit what is affecting the area and clear out the old heavy, dense energies and bring in the new lighter, joyful energies, restoring balance, and clarity. When your space is in harmony, it is a place of peace and renewal, a sanctuary to recharge and renew. 

There are many reasons why smudging with white sage is not always the answer, and more is required. Every home or office space contains emotional imprints and energy. Arguments, violence, drug use, and even teenage angst are just some precursors to a build-up of negative energy within the home. Perhaps the negative energies were present before the property was purchased or tenanted. It is possible, the house or office may be built in an area that is significant to the traditional custodians of the land and is creating an imbalance in the surrounding energy field. It is also possible that violence and trauma from hundreds of years in the past can still be affecting the area today. 

Our lives and property can be impacted by energy portals and vortexes, unwanted guests, as well as the placement of buildings across Ley Lines. All these scenarios can lead to energy imbalances and call for a house/property clearing.

Home clearing pricing

Stephanie provides a unique service in spiritual housekeeping and is available to assist you in improving the energetic imprint of your space.   

The benefits are enormous and

noticeable immediately. 

Homes 1500 sq. Ft. or under – $150

1501 – 2499 sq. Ft. – $200

2500 – 4000 sq. Ft. – $250

4001 – 6000 sq. Ft. – $300

6000+ sq. ft. – Call for quote

The investment of time runs between 1.5 to 2.5 

Make your home your sanctuary ~ We are the dream seeds to manifesting the full expressions of our heart songs ~ Stephanie Phelps