Medicine Tools & Ceremonial Art

Medicine tools can assist in establishing and magnifying your expression of energy and intent. Whether you craft a simple or elaborate tool, it can add energy to your manifestations, healing sessions, dream work, and connection to Spirit. 

Using gifts from nature, we will adorn our tools as we are guided by heart and Spirit. 

When you create a medicine tool, it connects you to the spiritual realms, and it acts as an antenna. They connect us with our animal totems, the stone people, the tree people, and your allies. 

A medicine tool can direct, receive, or channel energy. They can also simply be an object of beauty and creation. It can act as a talisman or as a fetish, keeping you connected to your personal power.

No artistic ability required. 

Creating and Crafting Medicine Tools

 Join me as I take you on a journey engaging in the creation of your medicine tool.