Moon Rhythms

The moon cycles influence us more deeply than most of us are aware, and it's a powerful time to come together in ceremony. Ceremony brings focus and inspiration to the present moment. In ceremonial space, we create an atmosphere that encourages us to make the shift from a busy, hectic world into a meditative, reflective mindset. Ceremony allows us to find spiritual connection and source are inner power. 

The Moon is the closest celestial body to the earth, and its force of gravity is so powerful, it pulls on the oceans, causing two high tides a day. The same influence affects all the fluids on the earth, including the underground waters, the circulation of our body fluids, the ovulation cycle, the growth pattern of plants, and the migration patterns of birds. The Moon also influences the watery nature of our unconsciousness, our emotions, our moods, feelings, and perceptions.

When we are in sync with the rhythms and cycles of nature and celestial alignments, we support our wellbeing and our emotions, bringing us into balance and harmony with the earth and each other. The as Above, so Below, is in play as we inform the Mysteries, as much as they inform us. 

Stephanie creates a magical nurturing ceremonial atmosphere, one of trust and respect for each individual. The sacred circle encourages people to feel safe enough to share their feelings, and this allows for spontaneity and laughter, as well as being deeply meaningful, supporting transformational shifts.

New & Full Moon Ceremonies

New Moon ~ The Moon is invisible because the Sun's Brightness hides her.

The New Moon is a time to create, to begin anew.

New Moon Ceremony 

Join me in ceremony, and we will affirm to the Universe our intentions with a focus on what we are creating in our lives and the planet. New moons are known as seed points. It's an excellent time for setting your intentions and a potent time for manifestation. Together we will create a powerful energy field supporting our hopes, wishes, and goals. 

Full Moon ~ The Moon reflects the Sun's light, making it appear bright in our sky.

It is the time of cumulation, fruition, and completion, and a time to release.

Full Moon Ceremony

Come join me in ceremony to connect with the light of the Moon, to BE in the beauty of the present moment, calling upon the light of the Moon to transmute that which you wish to release. You will experience the peak of psychic power when the veils are thin, embracing your heighten senses and your energy for outward expression and celebration. Let's howl at the Moon and bring about change.

The moon cycles influence us more deeply than most of us are aware, and it's a powerful time to come together in ceremony.

~Stephanie Phelps