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Shamanic Oracle Readings

Open your heart towards new possibilities and guidance.

A oracle read provides self-empowerment and healing.

Stephanie is an intuitive reader that calls in the power of the four directions and the shamanic cosmology of the medicine wheel for guidance. She will offer healing messages for clarity and insight. She gently initiates this process working with your guides and angels, bridging heaven and earth to bring you messages and insights for your circumstances. 

Oracle readings can be a passage for reflection on issues and can be a helpful accompaniment to the process of healing and growth.

Oracle Readings & Consultation

With her specialized gift and intuitive abilities Stephanie engages in the process of Transmission as messenger between the spirit realm and our physical world. Her intuitive and perceptive skills are utilized in the interpretation of images and symbols connected to the participant. The participant is fully involved, being open to receive and interact.

“It is my intention that in this session divine guidance is focused on serving, healing, inspiring and moving us to enjoy the life we were born to live more fully”

~Stephanie Phelps