Peruvian Whistle Vessels

The Peruvian whistling vessels are entheogenic sound tools. They provide an altered state of consciousness when played together. Even though whistling vessels were quiet for hundreds of years (mainly because of Spanish Conquistadors), they have finally found their way back to us. As the famous quote goes: "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." It looks like we are ready to reintroduce the world to some of the most sacred and shamanic sound tools that help us to transform and open our Divine states of consciousness.

I would be honored to introduce you to the whistling vessels and help you find your inner peace and enlightenment through sacred ceremonies. I am the keeper of a set of 8 whistling vessels, which were reproduced from the originals on display in Peru's museums, by master Donnie Wright. 

Together we will sound the vessels, and your personal relationship with the divine will be expanded effortlessly. Of course, to achieve your goals, you must voluntarily invite the sacred sounds and let them take you to a journey of discovering yourself, higher frequencies, and other realms. 

The sounds of the entheogenic whistling vessels have been described as sonic Ayahuasca. I would be glad to invite you to experience the ancient wisdom of whistling vessels, and their undeniable ability to expand our consciousness, and bring more awareness of the micro/macro cosmic fullness of attainability.


Mystics believe the world is a reflection of infinite combinations of sound patterns. They say that all things, from the biggest star to the smallest flower—and even you and I—are coagulations of sound waves. The sounds of the entheogenic whistling vessels has been described as sonic Ayahuasca.

“Sound is an Expression of Love.
It took me three ceremonial soundings to activate and wake up my vessels. After that, many ceremonial soundings have followed, and my whistling vessels have accumulated even more power as healing and enlightening entheogenic tools.”

~ Stephanie Phelps