Power Animal and Animal Spirit Guides

A power animal is a spirit guide. They come bearing messages, offer healing, sharing wisdom. They communicate through conversations, visuals, symbols, and feelings. Knowing your power animal connects one to their personal power.  

Meet your Power Animal and the role it plays in your life. We all have power animals who act as guardian spirits, assisting us in our journey of self-discovery.  Animal Spirit Guides represent our strengths and special qualities. They provide protection, assistance, direction, and companionship.

In developing a relationship with your power animal you will be assisted and feel supported in new ways on your medicine path.

 -Is there a way to tune into the wisdom of your Power Animal and learn its symbolism?

 -Who are your Animal Spirit Guides, and how do you connect with them? 

In this workshop, you will meet your Power Animal and find out its role in your life.

Learn the difference between Power Animals, Totem Animals, and Animal Guides.

* Stephanie is also available for private sessions to do a shamanic journey for you to retrieve your power animal. She will journey to the nature-based lower world and look for your power animal. Stephanie will ask the power animal why it is coming forward at this time and what message it has for the client.  

Discover Your Power Animal

Discover your Power animal and learn how they protect and help us on our life journey.

You will learn animal symbolism and learn how to tune in to the wisdom of the animal kingdom.

Stephanie will establish a Sacred Space, and with the beat of the Mother Drum and her skilled guided visualization, you will meet your Power Animal.