Creating Sacred Space

Creating sacred space is essential to any spiritual practice, and is the foundation for all spiritual work.  It is a powerful act which allows you to connect with the Divine and care for your inner divinity.  

Through this course, you will learn the fundamentals of creating sacred space, and you’ll have the chance to learn many of the techniques and tools you can use to create your special place, including clearing, protection, offerings, sacred tools, altars, setting ceremonial space, and calling in the power of the directions.  

Whether you’re creating sacred space for yourself, community gatherings, perhaps a brief moment in time, or for a permanent site, this course will help you create a place you deem sacred for whatever you may need. 

This workshop is open to all, no matter where you are in your spiritual evolution.  Would you like to discover new perspectives on how to bring the sacred into your life?  Would you like to deepen your level of awareness as you create the space to support your spiritual journey? Then this is the course for you. 

What You’ll Learn Each Week-

Session 1

Clearing & Cleansing ~ how, when, why 




Water & essential oils 

Session 2

Sacred Tools ~ incorporate the use of sacred tools that guide and support your journey 





Drums, rattles & bells

Session 3

Protection & Setting Ceremonial Space ~ practice & discernment  

Invocation & prayer

Your personal expression


Grounding & closing 

Session 4

The Creation ~ a dedicated space 

Giving form & expression to your creation

Choice and connection to objects

Allowing Spirit to guide you

Expression, Expansion, and Spiritual Connection

In this  4 session class you learn how to create sacred space and develop your personal style for the space you wish to create, one that will resonates with your truth or beliefs.

When we create sacred space we are coming into right relationship with the flow of universal energies. It is through our intention we create sacred relationship.

~ Stephanie Phelps