Soul Retrieval ~ Harmony for the Soul.

  Calling back our essential self, calling in our totality with more soul presence, soul light, soul love, more soul consciousness. 

It is time to call back the lost soul parts, that part of self that has been broken, ignored, or buried into the subconsciousness that is ready to be returned.

When you feel you have let go of so much, stirred-up, and lifted out what wanted to go, now your personal sacred container is ready for Resolve. Ready to retrieve or bring back what was wounded and restore its original power and radiance. What a momentous time for a change it is, we have an opportunity to negate the negative and go into the future unhindered.

Brothers and Sisters, our journey can be mended at the soul level, and a new story written. Restoring what was lost, your her/history doesn't have to be painful, in fact, you are turning your sources of pain into personal power. Restoring a part of your essence, returning that fragmented, lost self from something that once was into a place of power and true freedom.

If you feel the calling for a Soul Retrieval, please know, it is an honor to do this work on your behalf. I work with new-but-ancient ways, committed to shamanic service and the sacred web of life. 

Discover The Source

Of an original wounding and rewrite outdated soul contracts to revive your essential grace and reawaken your true potential. 

I will guide you into the timelessness of the Soul and heal, restore, and connect with your souls calling. Embarking on a journey to retrieve and reintegrate aspects of soul.

"It is a great honor to do this work on the behalf of my clients. The effect of soul retrieval are many, some dramatic, some subtle, and each person’s experience is unique".

~ Stephanie Phelps