Water Ceremony

Water is one of the most vital elements of life. It evokes purity, clarity, and calm and appeals to all of our senses. The sight and smell of the ocean, a cold glass of water on a hot day, the bliss of a hot bath, the energy of a cold shower, the feeling of warm rain on your face, the beauty of a rushing river or waterfall – it touches every part of our lives. 

Water is one of the four elemental energies of primary elements from which all of life is created, along with fire, air, and earth. Getting to know water as your teacher is a great way to begin to work with water as an elemental energy. We will connect with the Spirit of Water and through a relaxing meditation offering a deeper understanding and appreciation of water, learning what messages this sacred element holds for you. When possible, we work alongside a wild body of water.  

We will utilize the waters Stephanie has collected from the sacred wells and springs around the world to magnetize your intuition, dreams, and connection to the waterways of the world. 

Water offers us a gateway to the gift of life, transformation, and connection to the divine.

The Ceremony

Stephanie will guide you in learning to understand water as a powerful teacher as we stretch our minds and get to know water more intimately as an elemental energy.

 She will introduce you to using water and sacred water healing rituals with spiritual reverence. You will learn how to use water as medicine

“It is our responsibility to care for this sacred gift that connects all life.”

~ Stephanie Phelps